Intimate Illusions


Making Love Alone

Running time 5:59

Music by Hardwick and Miller

Even in clubs where the atmosphere is “party,” it is possible to create a work that elevates the spirits as well as the ideas. Intimate Illusions is meant to do this. It deconstructs shallow, romantic ideas that are often illusions, and asks an audience to consider deeper notions of love and loving. Songs that have heterosexual connotations are opened to homosexual interpretations; the couples culture is challenged and the pleasures of being single acknowledged; love of children, social causes, the world, family, friends are presented as poignantly as sexual love. Songs about pain, regret and loss -- so much of what we experience in intimate relationships -- are included, but compassion and care are also heralded as part of the intimate, love experience.   

"Rife with touching ballads and scorching banter. . .

So shines a good deed in a weary world. . .”  Buzz Weekly


Jane Getz  Piano

Chris Coangelo  Bass

Ben Wendel  Sax

Dave Tull  Drums