Jazz, Gender and Justice: Social Movements


Lights and Virtues


Running time 1:51

Lights and Virtues


Running time 2:12

Music by Jackson Browne

Improv section by Stephanie Glass

Yes, Jazz, Gender and Justice moves through narratives that underscore the challenges, injustices and inequalities we face. Yes, it looks head on at the horror and despair that is part of life. Yet rather than conclude with cynicism, the work is also a reminder about those who have come before us, who courageously have faced the challenges of their particular historic time, and have made a difference. The Women’s Movement. Civil Rights Movement. Anti-War Movement. Labor Movement. Today, we too can make a difference. It is our collective good will, the movements we join, and the compassion we extend to others, all this and more, that is reason for optimism.

The section, Lights and Virtues, is the finale. It speaks to the light of our goodness, as well as to the power of standing alone and together. In our goodness and virtue, is our strength and hope.